Neuroprosthetics is a 4-day virtual summer school focused on the intersection of neuroscience, engineering, AI and medicine. The event will include presentations from international researchers, industry professionals and trainees, as well as roundtable discussions and Q&A sessions.

Participants will gain knowledge in:

  • Electronic interfaces with the nervous system,

  • New applications for sensorimotor rehabilitation,

  • Self-optimizing medical technology,

  • Translational neuroengineering,

  • Artificial intelligence applied to cognition,

  • Clinical perspectives.

Neuroprosthetics is open to all, and participation is free.

AGENDA -Neuroprosthetics 2020

july 20th

Spinal cord panel

Monica Perez, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

David Okonkwo, University of Pittsburgh

David Borton, Brown University

Marco Bonizzato, Université de Montréal

Marco Capogrosso, University of Pittsburgh

Student talks


july 21st

Nerve panel

Xavier Navarro, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Jenny Lin, Université de Montréal

Sliman Bensmaia, University of Chicago

Stanisa Raspopovic, ETH Zurich

Stavros Zanos, Feinstein Institutes

Student talks


july 22nd

Brain panel

Eberhard Fetz, University of Washington

John Krakauer, John Hopkins University

Elizabeth Tyler-Kabara, University of Texas Austin

Blake Richards, McGill University

Elvira Pirondini, University of Geneva - U. Pittsburgh

Student talks


july 23rd

industry panel


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